Liverpool is one of the safest cities in the UK

Long live Liverpool

A report published by the government revealed Liverpool is one of the safest places in the country for a student. 

You are twice as likely to be a victim of a violent attack in London than in Merseyside. A statistic that will help you sleep soundly at night, or wander aimlessly (but safely) around Concert Square at 3am.

Liverpool's Nightlife

It’s even pretty at night

Don’t worry about your precious iPad and Macbook in your £60pw Smithdown house, because figures show our Manc rivals are 20 per cent more likely to be burgled – the same statistic goes for London.

The figures, show offences across all of England’s police forces and are disclosed by the government in response to a Parliamentary Question by Tory MP Philip Hollobone.

Brummies experience 10 per cent more home break-ins per person and 50 per cent more car crime than we do.

Be grateful we don’t live in Leeds or Sheffield, because they have a 50 per cent bigger chance of being broken into than we are.

“We’re even able to touch lampposts in Liverpool without fear of being electrocuted. It’s just that safe!”

Nursing second year Catherine hopes these new figures help bust the myth that Liverpool is dangerous: “I kept being told that when I was about to leave my home town of Birmingham that I’ll constantly be shoplifted, attacked and everything when I move to Liverpool.

“It’s nice to prove to them what I’ve always thought – Liverpool is a safe, wonderful place for a student to call home.”

Penny, a student who comes from the heart of Northern Ireland, was delighted to hear the news: “I can now continue my dealing around town safe in the knowledge that my house won’t be burgled. Yay.”