Why Hitch is the best society in Liverpool

You get to go on really cheap holidays

A few weeks into the term and Fresher’s week is frazzled into a distant, hazy, almost non-existent memory.

Maybe it’s time to join a society or do something remotely productive and interesting with your life, but you slept through both days of the Freshers’ Fair.

You turn to the selection of societies on offer online, with a vague hope that something might tickle your fancy. Beekeeping, Festival Drum and Chess Society aren’t for you. Fear not, for Hitch is the only society you need in your life.

Hitch allows you to travel to new parts of the world and raise money for the Link Community Development charity by hitchhiking across Europe to either Morocco or Croatia.

Co-president of Hitch, Tilly Evans, explains what it’s all about: “It’s basically a hitchhike event to either Morocco or Croatia. We travel through Europe, discovering new places, meeting lots of interesting people and having so much fun. It’s all in aid of a great charity called Link who work to develop the standards of education in sub-Suburban African countries.

Co-presidents of Hitch, Tilly Evans and Akwesi Osei setting off to Morocco last year

Co-presidents of Hitch, Tilly Evans and Akwesi Osei setting off to Morocco last year

“In Easter me and the other co-president, Akwesi, went to Morocco and had the best two weeks ever. We made so many funny memories it was such a worthwhile thing to do. The fundraising side of things was also fun, we held a bucket collection in Liverpool and made cakes for a cake sale.”

Morocco scenes

Morocco scenes

The society at Liverpool is only a small part of the Hitch organisation that has seen nearly 9,000 hitchers embark on adventures over the last 23 years. Hitch will continue to raise money for the Link Community Development charity and the society is keen for more students to join up and hitchhike with them.

“This year our aims will be to hold socials and meetings for everyone thinking about hitching with us. We’ll also help out loads with everyone’s fundraising making sure everyone hits £295 before they set off on their adventure.

“I think everyone should try hitchhiking at least once in their life and doing it with Hitch is the perfect way to get started. The program has been running for over 20 years and there have never been any major incidents. So if you fancy doing something a bit different, Hitch is perfect. Plus you get a fantastic and super cheap holiday out of it.”

Hitch at Liverpool fresher's fair 2015

Hitch at Liverpool fresher’s fair 2015

Hitch describes themselves as “the safest, and the best hitch-hiking event in the UK,” however, students are advised to check out travel advice before hitch-hiking abroad by visiting https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice.