Meet last week’s best dressed: Inside George’s wardrobe

Fila is bad news according to the reigning champ of campus style

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Last week George generated a staggering 2,616 votes and over 50 percent of the entire vote for his “young Karl Marx” ensemble. That’s more votes than anyone on our past campus style polls put together.

Yep, you could say he’s kind of a big deal.

We caught up with the Law fresher to find out more about his winning style.

Q. You dominated last weeks best dressed with almost 1000 more votes than your main competitor, Sam. How do you feel?

Pretty chuffed to be honest. I’ve been following the competition since you did the first one and last week definitely seemed the most fierce. Everyone was pulling out the stops. I do keep getting little jokes from my flatmates whenever I come into the kitchen first thing, asking if Liverpool’s best dressed student would REALLY wear tracksuit bottoms and a gingham shirt. But it was quite surreal seeing the amount of people who’d actually voted for me.

George quickly took poll position in his Ralph Lauren Harrington jacket, Palace pocket tee and Stan Smiths

Q. There are rumours directioners got hold of the article which explains Sam’s incredible number of votes. Why do you think so many people voted for you?

I haven’t got a clue why that many people voted for me. I remember going to bed at like 12 the day the article had been published and Sam was a good 200 ahead of me. When I woke up I think I’d gotten close to 1200 votes overnight. I highly doubt Brits were up all night scrolling through Facebook so maybe somebody in the U.S or Australia got a hold of it. I literally have no idea.

Q. Charoulla seemed to prove popular in the comments section. Were you ever scared of the competition?

I’d like to say I didn’t take it that seriously, but nobody likes to lose. Everybody looked good in last weeks competition, it smashed the other few weeks in terms of votes too. In terms of the comment section I was more trying to patch my wounds at the person who said all the “men” were wearing their “sister’s jeans”. The joke’s on them because mine were actually unisex –insert sassy hand emoji here.

Q. How would you describe your style?

I wouldn’t say I really have a style, if I like something then I buy it. I don’t only go for skate brands because I like the odd colourful shirt, I don’t only go for track tops because I like a smarter jacket I can wear on a smarter occasion.

The North Face jacket for when he’s feeling ‘roadman’

Q. What are your favourite brands or places to shop?

I do like Palace, they do some cool collaborations and the quality is always really sound. You can’t go wrong with Clarks Originals if you want a kinda smart boot/shoe. I have quite a lot of Fred Perry, and bits and bobs from Carhartt and Stüssy. Oh and Adidas, big fan of Adidas.

Adidas x Palace and Stüssy tee

Q. Who is your fashion icon, or who do you take style inspiration from?
Again I don’t really have a fashion icon. If I see a jacket I like that somebody in the street is wearing then I’ll go home and try and find it online or something. Or say if I’m going to buy something and I feel I need some reassurance I’ll usually send pictures of it to my girlfriend or my sisters.

The leather on these Adidas originals was originally (lol) orange, but George’s gf customised them black herself. Keeper.

Q. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought in your wardrobe?
I got a Palace bomber jacket earlier this month from their latest release and it was £130. I think that’s probably the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought full price.

Q. What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe?
I’d probably say one of my rowdy shirts. If I had to choose it’d be my Paul Smith one. It’s a floral print with kinda pastel-y colours. I got it from this nice little shop when I went to Amsterdam with my girlfriend earlier this year.


Q. Any fashion regrets?
[Laughs] One really comes to mind. I’d bought my first denim jacket from Levi’s and (due to the “edgy” guys who worked in the store wearing it) I assumed double denim was acceptable. It was the first time I was going to my girlfriend’s family. Anyway I was wearing these dark blue jeans and this light denim jacket and THANKFULLY my girlfriend pointed out (in tears of laughter) how unacceptable double denim was, before I introduced myself as the stunt double from Brokeback Mountain. A very close call.

The worst thing in his wardrobe – the offending Fila polo

Think you can top George? Watch out for our fashion team scouting around campus.