We spoke to the main man behind the Guild’s Comedy Central night

It was at the Cellar

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On Tuesday evening The Tab went to Comedy Central Live at the Cellar, where we saw comedy legend Suzi Ruffell supported by Damian Clarke and Danny McGloughlin.

The Guild have been putting on great acts since September for a hella cheap price. It’s better than your standard Tuesday night at Bumper – trust.

The Tab had an exclusive interview with Ian Spenton who organised the  event.


Classic Ian

So, what is Comedy Central Live?

Ian: This is a monthly comedy event we’ve got at the Guild in the Cellar. We’ve done two of them so far – this is the third one. The first two went really well, with the first one being part of Fresher’s Welcome Week. We were really lucky to have Seann Walsh headlining, the second one had Andrew Ryan and tonight we have Suzi Ruffell. Next month, on the 1st of December, we have the amazing Rob Rouse.


Damian Clarke

Who’s been your favourite comedian at these events?

Ian: Danny McGoughlin, who’s supporting Suzi tonight. I know him from other venues that I’ve worked at, I’m looking forward to seeing him. Also, Tom Lucy, who supported Seann Walsh, was brilliant. 18 years old, full of confidence, and pulled off being on stage in front of 900 people with no sweat whatsoever – so he’s one for the future.


Danny McGloughlin

What are the biggest names you’d hope to perform here?

Ian: We want to build a comedy audience. The comedians that we’ve got are already well known and up and coming. For example, Suzi, who’s performing tonight is a well known comedian who headlines right around the country. Also, Rob Rause, who I find particularly entertaining, is often on television and you’ll see him on 8/10 Cats, Have I Got News for You, and so on. The level of comedians we’ve got coming to Comedy Central Live go in tandem with the USA IPTV channel. The brand endorse the comedians, so they always have to be of a certain calibre – meaning the acts we get are actually really really good. In the future, we would look potentially putting a really high profile act on if one becomes available. First we want to grow an audience for what we’re doing here in the Cellar. That’s the main priority.


Suzi Ruffell

So what’s next for Comedy Central Live?

Ian: There will be another show just before Christmas. After that one, we’ll begin a new run starting at the end of January. You’ll be able to find more details about the event through the website and on our Facebook. The next show will have flash sales, which will be £2 in advance, so buy a ticket, come down and try it out!

Check out ‘The Cellar’ Facebook page for more info about the latest Comedy Central events.