Jeremy Corbyn to speak at the Guild on Thursday

Tories watch out, the sassy side-eye’s about

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Liverpool University Labour Society have invited the main Parliamentary Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn to speak at the University.

The event will be this Thursday, at 4:30pm in the Mountford Hall.

Jeremy will be speaking at 4.45pm for about 20 minutes, before mixing with students for a further 15 minutes.

Jezza will be in this building this week

Jezza will be in this building

Adam Payne, an NCTJ Diploma student and massive JC fanboy is over the moon: “Everyone must make their way to Mountford Hall and pay homage to our saggy overlord.

“No seriously, JC is our Attlee and he must be cherished. The Mail wants his head on a stake and Britain First folk are convinced that he’s the antichrist walking among us. What more reasons do you need to go hear him out?

“It’s what Orwell would want.”

Seb Forbes-Lee, one of the few out Tories in Liverpool, is not impressed by his appearance: “He seems like one of the boring politicians in existence.

“He makes his own bread and jam, he’s a borderline trainspotter who doesn’t like to drink and is a vegetarian.

“What more can I say, he’s an embarrassment to British politics.”

This event will be a huge fest of raging socialists, so Tories stay safe and avoid the Guild on Thursday.

You can book tickets here.