We visted Liverpool’s ‘most haunted’ spots

They weren’t that scary

According to paranormal activity experts, our lovely city is one of the most haunted places in the country.

We’ve heard it all – zombies roaming cemeteries, figures lurking on bridges and ghost gangs that abduct local children.

So obviously, we had to investigate.

The Haitian Zombie – Toxteth Cemetery

Tales of a voodoo man – Josué Beauchamp – raising the dead to see off his enemies have circulated since the 30s.

It is said that Beauchamp bared a grudge with a rich cotton merchant – whose wife he had been having an affair with – after a bounty was placed on his head. In retaliation, he revived the remains of a “tall and muscular black man” and sent him to kill the merchant.

Allegedly, the zombie was restrained and buried in Toxeth Cemetary just off Smithdown Road, having had salt poured down his throat and his mouth sewn together.

Strangely enough, the scariest thing about a cemetery at 11pm is the risk of falling down an open grave – not to mention the bats. One of our team described it as “depressing, not scary”.

Spook factor: 4/10

The Ghost Gang – Bombed-Out Church

Since Christmas 1991 it has been believed that a gang of ghosts lurk around the site of St Luke’s Church on Leece Street.

There have been reports from the family of Abbi Edwards – aged six at the time – of the disappearance of their daughter as they parked near the church. Previous sightings of the gang led to the suggestion that Abbi had been snatched by the spectres.

Fortunately, Abbi was returned to her family.

The whole site however feels very public. It’s pretty hard to be spooked by a church near a kebab shop.

Spook Factor: 1/10

The Huskisson Memorial – St James’ Cemetery

Right… let’s do this then.

Reports have suggested that the figure of William Huskisson MP can occasionally be spotted leaving his grand mausoleum here – along with dozens of others.

Huskisson was the first major casualty of the railway movement, having been run over and killed by a train in Eccles.

It is also said that a vampire-like character creeps on visitors to the gardens surrounding the cathedral. If you plan to ghost hunt, be sure to bring your garlic.

Spook factor: 5/10