This is what four creatives are wearing for Halloween

Pulling out all the stops comes naturally to these lot

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It’s nearly Halloween.

Right now, most people are pacing around making last minute changes to your costumes, buying last-minute face paint on Bold street or ripping up a Primark tee and splattering fake blood all over it.

But not everybody is so slap-dash. We’ve spoken to four fancy-dress pro’s who have gone the extra mile and are killing it with their Halloween costumes.

Beth, Archaeology & Ancient History, second year

For Beth, authenticity is always important when it comes to conjuring the perfect outfit for Halloween. Last year, she did authenticity well  by “borrowing” her mum’s bridesmaid dress to create a spellbinding Corpse’s Bride costume. Homing in on her Archaeological studies, Beth is set to appear as an Egyptian Mummy this year at WAXX.

Claudia, Comms, Media and Popular Music, third year

Meet Claudia, the girl who spent £85.00 – mostly on leaves, for her Uma Thurman-inspired Poison Ivy Costume this year.

Last year she put together a jaw-dropping dark angel costume, by sporting a black halter neck jumpsuit, black  wings and ghoulish grey contact lenses to conjure up the perfect look. We have no doubt that she’ll be pulling out all the stops with her Poison Ivy Costume this year. She won’t be able to keep the hot-headed devils away.

Claudia as a dark angel last year

It’s getting there

Lucy, History & Politics, second year 

You haven’t experienced Halloween without bumping into your fair share of Clowns or Puppets. For Lucy, Halloween was all about mastering the strings last year. A  lot of preparation had gone towards this costume, she borrowed material from a dress up box from her childhood and used it to craft her skirt and the bowtie was also hand-made.  The cap, gloves and braces were all purchased from Ebay – a perfect tool for getting all your bits and bobs for Halloween delivered to your front door, it’ll also save you the hassle of queuing up on Bold street for your Halloween accessories.

Going back to the roots of Halloween, Lucy will no doubt leave tremors with her ghoulish ghost costume this year!

Lucy as a puppet last year

Yasmin, Philosophy & Computer Science, second year

Not a lot of people can pull off a perfect porcelain doll costume on Halloween, but Yasmin does this so effortlessly. Going all retro last year, Yas’ vintage inspired dress with a ruffle trim brought her costume to life. The Gothic green hair also deserves bonus points.

Getting her fright on, Yasmin is set to scare people at WAXX with her corpse bride costume this year.

Yasmin even died her hair green

A sneek peek at Yasmin’s outfit this year