Locals set fire to bins outside student house in Kensington

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bins brick broken window fire kensington winifred street

Hooligans threw a brick through a window before setting fire to rubbish bins.

The thugs targeted the house on Winifred Street, which is home to eight third and fourth years on Thursday.

After spotting some children were playing with fireworks near her property, Physiology student Rebekah called the police and started filming them for evidence.

But the thugs saw her filming and started throwing objects at her window until a brick ended up shattering it.

They then set fire to their two wheelie bins, and escaped before the police arrived.

French and Business student Olivia, who also lives on the road, recalled the event: “We were just eating and sort of laughing about the kids stealing our wheelie bins when we heard  loud banging.

“We went to have a look and they were beating out bins with bats.

“Then when they saw we were watching them they started throwing rocks at our house and they broke a window, which my friend caught on camera.

“After that they took our bins a few feet away and set them on fire.

“They came back a while after to top up the fire with a trolley. The fire had to be put our by the fire department.”

RIP bins

Rebekah, the student who managed to film the event, told The Tab: “They had fireworks… where the fuck do you get fireworks from when you’re 12?”

The distressed students were told that they could be targeted again. Rebekah said:”The police aren’t looking into it, but they’re keeping an eye out. It’s the time of year where they get the most call outs, so three 12 year-olds aren’t a priority.

“They also warned us we should expect more as it’s mischief night soon and we’re probably a target. We were told to ring them if we see the kids again.”

The kids broke a window

Please call Merseyside Police if anything similar happens to you.