‘Obviously Liverpool has the best student nights’: Scott Mills loves Merseyside

He says we have ‘a great party vibe’

After everyone’s favourite Radio 1 DJ broadcast his legendary lunchtime show in Liverpool, we chatted to the man himself – Scott Mills – about why he loves the city so much.

The broadcast went out as part of his student tour, and was recorded in front of a student audience. The three hour show was hosted by Mills and Stark and even featured special guest Nick Grimshaw, who studied Business and Communications at the University of Liverpool.

Radio One’s main man looks on at Liverpool’s finest

Scott, what are your thoughts on Liverpool as a city?

“Liverpool is a great city. I’ve DJ-ed here a few times and it was really nice to come back for the student tour too.”

Obviously we have the best students, right?


What’s your greatest experience here to date?

“It’s a bit of a weird one, but I promise you it technically involves Liverpool. Back in February we raised £50,000 for Comic Relief and to seal the deal Chris Stark had to ride the Liverpool Wheel – in his pants. It was great to do something for charity, but it was brilliant to wind Chris up a bit so that was definitely my favourite memory of Liverpool. But now the student tour might be at the top.”

Chris might have more to worry about than his pants with that harness…

Best night out in Liverpool?

“I’ve DJ-ed here a bit in the past, Liverpool always has a great party vibe.”

What has been the funniest moment on the student tour?

“There were a lot of bonkers moments but I think my favourite was playing Pull the Udder One at Harper Adams. Who knew it, but the world needs a farming based dating game.”

How’s your insight to student life been?

“It was a real eye-opener. I’ve seen quite a lot of SUs before, but actually being on campus during the day was a bit of a shock to the system. There’s been a lot of pizza involved – a LOT. It’s been great to meet loads of students in so many different places – it makes me want to be a fresher.”

You can’t really beat a uni social [@Scott_Mills]

Given your huge success, do you have any regrets? 

“I think doing the student tour was enough for me. I was 16 when I had my first radio show, so university just wasn’t something I wanted to pursue. I’ve been lucky enough to DJ at a lot of universities and colleges so I feel like I’ve experienced a lot of second-hand student life. I’ve probably pulled the same amount of all-nighters to get work done, though.”

Finally, any words of inspiration or advice for the people at UoL?

“Just that a 4am kebab when the student union closes is never a good idea.”