There’s a huge rat infestation in Kenny

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A rat-infested alleyway in Kensington is distressing residents.

Resident Joseph McElwee has health and safety concerns about the alley outside his 84-year-old mother’s house. The alley runs between Jubilee Drive and Leopold Road.

He told the ECHO:  “All the residents have been complaining for several months now. This is a really bad health and safety issue. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

“The paving slabs have been collapsed for some time now and there are holes everywhere. Someone could be badly injured.

There’s a huge rat infestation in Kenny

“Rats are coming up into the alley from the subsidence of the paving stones. They’re everywhere. It’s absolutely terrible. People are scared the rats will go into their homes. Nothing has been done.”

Second year Andrea Ellinas who lives on Adelaide Road has seen rats in the area.

She told The Tab: “We’ve seen them in the streets at night it’s pretty gross and there have been a few ran over ones in the mornings.

“But it’s because we have to leave our rubbish in the alleyways on a Sunday night to be collected outside the bins.”


Will Bowman lives in Kensington and has noticed rats are a continuing problem in the area. The Albert Edward Road resident told The Tab: “Everyone just throws their rubbish in the alleyway behind the houses and the rats thrive off it.

“Few houses have wheelie bins. What’s bizarre is that wheelie bins cost £20 but pest control is free, and it’s the best way to get rid of bats and rats. It seems like there is no attempt at prevention.

“Perhaps it is just accepted that rats live in the alleyways and that there’s no point trying to do anything about it until they come into homes.”

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Nick Small, Kensington’s local councillor responded, assuring residents that they are addressing the issue.

“We’ve been working very hard with residents and council officers to resolve this issue. There are several issues here.

“One is to do with the way that the bins are being presented at the moment as a source of food. We’re trying to change how food waste is stored and collected. We’re also trying to educate people as to why they shouldn’t be dumping.

“We’re also working with the council to try to get the alleyway repaired but there are issues with funding. We’re looking at how we can identify funding for the alleys to be repaired.

“I’m meeting the officers this week about it but there is no one solution to this.”

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