Help the Homeless Society raise £664.82 for the WhiteChapel Center

The whole campaign raised £25,000

UoL Help the Homeless Society raised £664.82 on Friday night by taking part in a sponsored sleep out in Liverpool City Centre.

Six members of the society roughed it in the cold for the night but they were not alone. The students were also joined by other charities, work forces and organizations in the Liverpool area that wanted to support ending homelessness throughout the North West.

St Nicholas’ Church

Cardboard was used to make shift dens but some people managed to craft fully-fledged houses and shacks.

Luke Simmons said: “I’m overwhelmed by the amount of people here tonight. I’m also personally thrilled it’s not too cold. It is also still nothing in comparison to the harsh weathers some homeless individuals will face this winter.”

Many people took building cardboard dens to another level, with a huge, life-size vaulxwagon cardboard, stealing the show:

The sponsored sleep out also coincided with World Mental Health Day, and was a key topic discussed by organizers at the event, as unfortunately mental illness and homeless often go hand in hand.

Both Presidents of the Society got involved with the sleep out. Beth Meadows, co-President shared her warm thanks and appreciation with everybody who got involved:

“We had such a fantastic night at the sleep-out. The atmosphere was immense, a real sense of community gathering for a cause that was close to the hearts of everyone there. It was so refreshing to see a collective spirit of people who recognize that society needs to change, rather than be surrounded by people who care more about checking their phones.”

“We are overwhelmed with our total and incredibly grateful to everyone who was kind enough to donate. We can’t wait to do it again next year but only bigger and better!”

Robi Quigley, Co-President spoke of his glee at the total amount raised: “We absolutely smashed our target of £250 and the money we’ve raised will go towards changing people’s lives. Everyone involved deserves a pat on the back, we couldn’t have wished for a better response.”

All money raised was donated to the WhiteChapel centre, Liverpool’s biggest homeless shelter.The year-round shelter serves over 5,000 meals a year, offering medical, pastoral, and legal support, as well as access to toilet and shower facilities and food. It commits to helping people get off the streets long term, offering a genuine solution to the root causes of homelessness.

Funding cuts have made the money raised more important than ever, as the Whitechapel simply does not have the money and resources needed to help everyone it can. Appointments are limited but the influx of homeless individuals stretches the limits.