Women’s waterpolo team triumph over Loughborough

They swam for victory in the final

UoL Waterpolo Team won a match against their arch rivals and sporting “champions”  Loughborough on Wednesday, in a nerve-wrecking match at home.

The match was met with much anxiety, as the Waterpolo team are the only team playing in premiership leagues from the University of Liverpool.

Loughborough are renowned for their for their sporting achievements, proving hard to beat in successive matches.

Despite it being the first the team played together with the new freshers, they stayed on top form and pulled together for a fantastic win by 12-10.


Captain Rebecca Faussett Eve Simpson and Gina Lay were among the members of the team to score goals throughout the match, but Loughborough hung on by the skin of their teeth, fighting back and keeping themselves in the game .

It was a  deadlock of 10-10 right up until the last crucial moments of the match. With just one minute to go, Georgia Brey scored the triumphant, winning goal, stealing the match from Loughborough in the final seconds.

Killing it

Rebecca Faussett, the Captain, spoke of her happiness at winning the match.

She said: “I’m ecstatic that we have won. We have had an excellent performance as a team throughout my time here at University and I hope we can continue to do so, in all our up-coming matches.”

Rebs was jumping for joy at the triumph