Hold on to your Lederhosen: Liverpool Oktoberfest was expensive but great

My dirndl brings all the boys to the yard

Whether it’s for the German beer or fancy dress, students and Liverpudlians alike headed over to Exchange Flags this week to down some steins and embrace some of the craziness of Oktoberfest.


50 shades of drunk

The atmosphere was hectic and loud but really fun, and of course everyone was absolutely hammered. Drunk punters danced on tables and everyone was having a laugh.

Stine, a manager at the festival told us: “Oktoberfest has an atmosphere that students can enjoy that’s very cultural and everyone has a great time.”

Letitia Richards, an education studies student working at the event said: “I’m quite surprised people are actually dressing up but they’re getting involved.”

Courtney Brady, a member of the bar team was loving the experience: “People seem quite drunk but it’s a great atmosphere. It is quite expensive but everyone seems to enjoy themselves.”


Some YMCA action


My dirndl brings all the boys to the yard

Even the more traditional German music from the live band got the crowd up on the benches dancing before the music changed to more classic cheesy crowd-pleasers, including “Hey Baby”, “Sweet Caroline” and “I would walk 500 miles”.

Brendan, a second year engineering student, filled us in on some of his antics from last year’s Oktoberfest: “I’d had a few beers and was dancing on one of the tables with one of my mates when I slipped and fell off, knocking a few people’s drinks off in the process.”

“The funniest thing I’ve seen so far tonight has been some random guy dancing along the table in a blonde wig and dirndl.”


Lederhosen lads


The Tab team blending in

The price of food and alcohol was beyond the average budget but people at Oktoberfest are paying for an authentic Bavarian experience with decent beer and live music, although most won’t be forking out for the £49.50 Austrian sparkling wine.

The idea is a winner and the Scouse spirit certainly made the experience better but it was a shame we couldn’t get drunk. The beer was far too expensive for us and the prices were likely the reason why there wasn’t many people there.

Thankfully though, the Echo reported today that organisers have arranged for cheaper drinks to be provided next year due to negative responses. Av iiiit.

For better or for wurst, Liverpool Oktoberfest is defintely something we could enjoy next year when the prices are more reasonable.