SJ replaces cheap coffee with corporate Starbucks

It tastes the same but costs more

Prices for the automated machine in the Library have gone up by 70p.

Everyone’s favourite Library, the Sydney Jones, has caused upset to a number of people following a change in it’s coffee machine.

The new Starbucks coffee machine has appeared this week after the disappearance of the beloved one supplied by Pelican Rouge.


so fancy

Where the Pelican machine used to cost only £1.50 for a coffee, the Starbucks machine selfishly charges £2.20 for a tall (medium) coffee and a colossal £2.50 for a grande (large).

English Literature second year Josh told us: “I don’t know what deal the uni have with Starbucks, but this move is not at all in the best interest of students. It’s outrageous that they have the cheek to force us to pay more for coffee, just like that.”


does this mug look happy to you?

Given that the library cafe closes at a far-too-early 3pm, the coffee machine became an essential break in students’ studying. The SJ stays open for 24hours, meaning those on an all nighter will be paying a significantly higher amount for coffee to keep them going.