Cocktail society: The inside story

Please don’t call it cock soc


Everyone loves a cocktail. Whether it’s a classy Cosmo or if a Long Island Iced Tea is more your thing, there’s a cocktail out there for everyone. And I am by no means an exception to that rule.

As a relatively un-sporty student whose best friend is cake, joining a sports club at uni was pretty much out of the question for me. I did, however, want to make the most of my final year and was intent on scouting out a society of some form, when Freshers Fair came along. Which is where Cocktail Society came in.

A society devoted to drinking and making cocktails? Where you just meet people and drink cocktails? And make them? It sounded like the dream. I signed up before I’d even introduced myself to the president.

So ready

The first event was a cocktail masterclass at Revs on Wood Street, and I awaited the day with extreme anticipation to learn how to do cool things behind the bar (but mostly just to get drunk). And I was not disappointed.

All 25 of us were greeted at Revs with a welcome shot and Woo Woo – both of which were delicious – and then went on to watch the pro’s show us how to make a mojito, which was then passed around for everyone to have a sip of.

We then took it in turns to make our own drinks based on classic cocktail recipes with the help of the barmen. There were a handful of cocktails to choose from, and although most people only made one, we all had the chance to try each other’s different concoctions.

I went for a Strawberry and Passion Fruit Mojito – the dream. I genuinely don’t think I’m being overly-dramatic when I say that it changed my life. Sorry, not sorry.

Creating a masterpiece

The barmen were both super friendly and helpful, and were obviously keen for us all to drink as many cocktails as possible, as they were pretty much handing them out constantly. Well, when in Rome…

A bit later in the evening they asked for some volunteers to participate in a ‘Woo Woo race’. I was intrigued.

The idea was for the group to be split into two teams, where one person from each team had to make a Woo Woo as fast as possible, and then hand it to another member of the team for them to down. The team who finished first were given jelly shots, the losers: chili ones.

Needless to say I took one for the team and volunteered to down the Woo Woo. Classic me.

It was a success – jelly shots all round for my team and I’m pretty sure that it helped me win a few more friends, too. I was loving life. And a bit drunk now too. Life was so good.

My mum would be so proud

The event ended with a Vodka Train – a perfect way to summarise the whole evening: fun, interesting, and filled with alcohol.

100% would recommend.