Help the Homeless Society are sleeping on the streets tonight for the Whitechapel

They raised over £350

Seven members of the UoL Help the Homeless society are braving the cold and sleeping rough this evening.

The event is in a bid to raise money for the Whitechapel centre located on Langsdale Street in Liverpool city centre.

The Help the Homeless society hope to raise awareness for many broad issues surrounding homelessness, as well as raising money for and working with the Whitechapel center.



Eleanor Hancock, Vice President of Help the Homeless society with Beth Meadows, co-President of Help the Homeless society

The bio on their fundraising page reads:

“Over the past year our society has developed a fantastic relationship with the Whitechapel: from delivering training sessions to members and some even becoming volunteers, to weekly sandwich deliveries from the Guild shop for the center, and fundraising events…it’s fair to say that the Whitechapel is very special to not only our society but the Liverpool community.

“With more funding cuts being proposed through bitter austerity, now is the time that charitable institutions like the Whitechapel are most in need. Their work is truly remarkable and our society is honored to be taking part in this fundraiser. The sleep out is an important fundraiser, as it exemplifies one of the most essential human lessons to be learnt, of empathy; as for one night our team will gain an insight into what its like to sleep rough.

“So please spare any money you can to donate to a cause that transforms lives like the Whitechapel. Their presence is paramount to the support of rough sleepers and those who are trying to integrate themselves back into society. Any donation you can give is greatly appreciated.”

Many other residents from Liverpool are joining the sleep out, in a bid to raise awareness about homelessness and reduce some of the stigma people sleeping rough face.

Beth Meadows, Vice president of Help the Homeless society spoke with The Tab, she said: “I think the sleep out is a great way of engaging students with the plight of the homeless by having a small taster of what it’s like to spend a night without a home or bed.

“The fact that it’s for the Whitechapel is perfect for us as the Help the Homeless society as the work they do is crucial in helping rough sleepers get their lives back on track in Liverpool.”


Robi Quigley, co president of Help the Homeless Society

Robi Quigley, co president of Help the Homeless Society

Robi Qugiley, the co-president, shared his concerns about the cold, dark, sleepless night ahead: “It’s going to be tough. But no matter how hard, our night sleeping out on the street will be nothing compared to the difficulties others have to endure every night of the week.

“Raising the amount of money we have will go only a small way towards combating the problem of homelessness but I hope we can raise awareness of the issue. For us to see progress in society, attitudes have to change to help those who ask for so little.”

The Whitechapel is currently Liverpool’s leading homeless association, giving advice and care to some of he most vulnerable people in need in the North-west.

Breakfast and dinner is available at the center every day, with over 5,000 meals being prepared there each year. The Whitechapel is extremely successful in rehabilitating homeless individuals, with many of the workers at the center being ex-users themselves. The services provided offer a chance for anybody sleeping rough to start rebuilding their live and becoming positively integrated into society again.