Guild open ‘Minute for Mindfulness’ Room

It’s so chill

Rethink, a peer support group for students who may be suffering mental health problems while at university opened a mindfulness room this week.

Activity room three in the Guild has been transformed into a chill den, draped in fairy lights fairy lights and has string tacked across the ceiling which visitors are encouraged to pin mindfulness techniques to.

There are even colouring sheets, pens and pencils available.

Psychology second year Emma Thornton told The Tab: “Colouring is actually one of the most relaxing things you can do.

“The mindfulness room is such a good idea, students need somewhere they can go to just relax and clear their heads.”

Guild deputy president Alex Ferguson said: “The idea came from a conversation me and Chris from Rethink Mental Health had about the increased stress that students feel at university nowadays, what with increased financial pressures or high feed and maintenance grants disappearing.

“The room itself was so easy; a few bean bags, some mood lighting and ambient music.  

“It was mainly Chris Betts from Rethink though.  He actually put the stuff in there, I just gave it the go ahead”

Over half of university students who suffer from mental health difficulties have not received or asked for any help.

To end Mental Health Week LUDS are performing “Life with a Mental Health Illness” at the Cellar tomorrow.  Tickets are free with donations encouraged.

There is also a Facebook group specifically for peer support which can be found here