Radio celebs Scott Mills and Grimmy hit up Liverpool yesterday

There was an innuendo bingo like never before

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This week Radio 1’s Scott Mills’ show has hit the road and started touring around five unis across the UK.

On Tuesday 6th October the show arrived at Liverpool, and was hosted in the Paul McCartney auditorium at LIPA, exclusively for University of Liverpool and LIPA students.

The show was part of a tour that saw Scott Mills attempt to immerse himself in uni life after having not been to university himself.

He told us he had already learnt a lot about uni life:  “I’ve learnt it’s okay to wear hoodies all the time and that students actually do work hard.

“We asked someone if they wanted to come along to the show and they said they couldn’t because they had ‘an important seminar.’”


Scott in action

The three hour show was hosted by Mills and Stark and even featured special guest Nick Grimshaw, who studied Business and Communications at the University of Liverpool.

An essential part of all Scott Mills’ shows is of course Innuendo Bingo, and Liverpool hosted what Mills described as what was going to be ‘one of the best innuendo bingos ever’.

The audience witnessed Nick Grimshaw and Chris Stark suspended in the air by just a small harness whilst spitting water at one another, with Grimmy stating that he “shouldn’t have worn girl’s jeans today.”

Chris and Grimmy suspended from a harness in Innuendo Bingo

Chris and Grimmy suspended from a harness in Innuendo Bingo

Throughout the rest of the show Mills played songs from the charts, a game of Real or No Real, and even chatted to Laura, a student who they were helping set up on a date.

Radio 1 big dog Chris Stark spoke exclusively to The Tab, he said: “I love Liverpool, it’s a really cool city.

“I wish I had a chance to stay longer and check out the nightlife and stuff but we just don’t have time unfortunately. We arrived last night and did have time to go on the big wheel thing, that was cool.”


The Tab meets Radio 1 big dawgs

Scott Mills’ University Tour is set to visit Harper Adams University, Aberystwyth University and the University of Southampton for the rest of the week.