The ultimate outfit guide for a boss Liverpool night out

Don’t dress like a dick

The complete guide of how to dress for which Liverpool club, because you were too drunk to figure it out during Freshers.

So, you’ve just successfully completed your first week of uni. You probably spent more than half the time frolicking around Smithdown in last nights clothes, becoming familiar with Chesters, skipping lectures and eating enough take aways to feed your entire block, but nonetheless it is done and dusted.

You were happy enough to participate in fancy dress and be covered in paint last week, but, let’s be real. You aren’t going to pull looking like that. So what should you wear out to different nights out in the city to avoid rejection?

‘I only drink stuff out of a can’

Name: Lydia

Occupation: Final year Linguistics Student

Destination: The Kazimier

Favourite drink: Red stripe

Reasons for outfit choice: “Everyone that goes to The Kazimier is super edgy, so I only wear black. If you are colourful you are not cool.”


‘Everyone takes their Michael Kors bags out with them’

Name: Naomi

Occupation: Second year Business Student

Destination: Level

Favourite drink: Any cocktail, preferably sex on the beach

Reasons for outfit choice: “People that go to Level dress to impress. You’ve got to wear heels to look glamorous.”


‘It will be so dark in there anyway, I may as well blend in’

Name: Lizzie

Occupation: English Graduate

Destination: East Village Arts Club

Favourite drink: Gin & Tonic

Reasons for outfit choice: “I wanted to give people the impression that I hadn’t made any effort to get ready. It doesn’t matter about coordinating anymore.’


‘The three stripes help me to stand out against the darkness of the rave’

Name: Matt

Occupation: Quantity surveying masters

Destination: The Garage

Favourite drink: Rum & Coke

Reasons for outfit choice: “The club’s name emphasizes how you should dress – grungy, dirty, starting to smell, like all things kept in your garage.”


‘My red lipstick and black playsuit match sooo well’

Name: Kirsty

Occupation: Biochemistry graduate

Destination: Kitchen Street

Favourite drink: Mojito

Reasons for outfit choice: “I thought my black, suede playsuit was super cool. It will attract all those guys wearing Nike trainers and snap backs .”


‘We like to start off with a nice cocktail at Berry & Rye, then we get down and dirty at Aloha’

Names: Tom, Gus, Tom, Bertie and Sam

Occupations: Second year Students

Destination: Aloha

Favourite drink: The Zombie from Aloha

Reasons for outfit choice: “We all went shopping together and bought these suits because there’s only one way to catch a ladies eye, through style.”


Name: Joe

Occupation: Final year Aerospace Engineering

Destination: Heebie Jeebies

Favourite drink: Old fashioned

Reasons for outfit choice: “I saw these brogues and thought they looked pretty nice. They are great if you fancy going to a club like Heebies that doesn’t look like the inside of a jail cell.”

Don’t expect to be making any new friends on a night out unless you stick to this guide. Even if you can’t stand raving to EDM, or hate the R n B scene, it’s all about knowing how to dress to fit in and stand out.