Library legends giving out free books tomorrow

Long live the SJ and HC

The Sydney Jones Library and the Harold Cohen are giving away over 1000 free textbooks tomorrow morning at 10:30. 

Library big dogs know we all love a bargain and freebies so they are giving away books donated by students.

Library assistant Peter Robinson, said: ”These books were donated by students of the university and it would be nice for others to enjoy them now. We did last year, as well and it was quite successful since we gave away 1000 textbooks. This year we are giving more and probably over 1000 books.”


Books at the HC will be up for grabs by the Exit Gates, and in the SJ they will be opposite the Help Desk on the ground floor.

Law second year Michel Harrington-Walsh is pleased that the event is taking place. He told The Tab: “It’s encouraging to see that books which are not so sought after are being passed on allowing people to broaden their knowledge.”

Physics second year Luke can’t wait for the event at Harold Cohen. ”It is not only a good opportunity for the students who like reading but also for those who can’t afford textbooks”

Geophysics second year Abi said: ”It’s very generous of them, something that they don’t have to do and it’s greatly appreciated by the students.”