Second years feature in graphic documentary dissecting humans

It’s going to be on air this week

It’s a big step up from frogs, a bunch of first years dissected the bodies of two terminally ill patients for a Channel 5 documentary. 

Body Donors, broadcast on Chanel 5 this week, was filmed over two years and will feature second year Anatomy students dissecting the bodies of two donors interviewed earlier in the series.

The documentary, takes an interesting approach with anatomy and will feature the stories of the two terminally ill people – before and after their deaths – as well as footage of the students learning through later dissecting their corpses.

While the show will feature graphic images of dissection and the embalming procedure, producers said to the Sun that the documentary is told with “dignity and heart”.  It will also demonstrate the “importance of learning” and will likely lead to those who skip Tuesday morning lectures in favour of a Raz Monday questioning themselves.

The second years were filmed and interviewed over the course of their first year, with film crews looking into their study and lives outside of University.

Split into two parts, Body Donors will discuss the reasons why the two donors chose to live on in such a way, as well as the benefits of body donation towards medical science.
Kate Jaggers, a second year Anatomy student told us: “For me the program highlights the importance of body donation and what it achieves, allowing people like me to learn the anatomy of human body in the way that diagrams can not accurately teach you.”

Body Donors will be broadcast Tuesday 29th September, on Channel 5 at 9pm, and will be about much more than the gore of dissection.