We asked people their advice on how to stay classy during freshers’

‘You won’t’

Starting uni brings about a lot of changes. Suddenly, you’re miles from home and prying parents eyes, free to do whatever you like. Deals and promoters are everywhere, luring you in to be carefree and make a fool of yourself. So how does one stay classy amidst all the mess, booze and excitement? We spoke to locals, bouncers, bartenders and graduates to find the answer.

Words of wisdom from bouncers and bartenders 

When asked how freshers can stay classy through their first year, the simple answer for a bartender in Cava was ”You won’t ” and she’s probably right. Her answer does not come without experience. After a short chat with the staff and customers, we had heard every strange story in the book including one customer deciding to lay a log in a pint glass.  The bouncers reminded us of the importance of drinking responsibly and not  trying every single one of the 30 shot flavors in one night. Get obnoxiously drunk or mouthy at the door, and you will be quickly thrown out. As one bouncer said ”You don’t know the law. We are the law. I worked at the Royal Wedding and I have carried a gun.”
Another priceless piece of advice from a bouncer was: ”Always have your ID. Don’t be the one that forgets their ID, screams at the bouncer and then ends up making their own way home or worse ruining the night for everyone else.”
The unexpected advice from a bartender at cocktail bar Bumper was: ”Wear underwear.” Our eyes burn just to think of the horrors she’s seen through sheer dresses, short shorts and flying skirts.

The Staff at Cava: Shy newbie on the left, the wise bouncer in the middle and the sassy straight-talking bartender to the right

Graduates say ‘get involved and give everything a go’ 

It’s all too easy to stick to your comfort zone, but freshers’ is the best time to try out new things. Calum, a music graduate from Liverpool shared his experience: “Don’t make any plans. I accidentally stumbled into a foam party on my 18 birthday turning an already great night into the best night out he has ever had in Liverpool. There’s always something different happening and its fun to deviate from a traditional night out to doing something different.”

Don’t stick to what you know

Second years say ‘shit happens but it’s good’

Strange things happen in first year. Law second year Cara said: “I have so many dark stories from when I was a fresher. Shit happens, but it’s good. It’s what makes countless hilarious stories and random nights. Unless you  are that one unlucky individual who is suddenly drenched by a flying pint glass full of warm wee as one fresher did last year on the 699.”


Cara, a second year law student

Penny, a second year psychology student advises freshers how to stay out of trouble: ”Don’t challenge someone double your height and double your weight to a drinking competition. It WILL end badly.”

Penny, a second year psychology student

 Not everything will go perfectly. Things will get messy but just have fun,  try new things, wear underwear, don’t argue with bouncers, and remember your ID. Despite all the advice anyone gives you, there will probably be that one night when you have too many RIP shots or quad vods and find yourself paying £40 for vomiting in a taxi. Stay safe but not too safe and have a fabulous semi-classy first year.