How to be Liverpool’s coolest Fresher: The Survival Guide

Dress to fit in

It’s in with the old and out with the new at the beginning of uni; making new friends, going on dates and all that. But, we’re forgetting the most important thing about joining Liverpool. What do you wear? Mum’s got the cutlery and saucepans at the ready, so it’s just up to you to get a new look. But how can you look like Liverpool’s coolest fresher?

Obviously you want to make a statement amidst the groggy, grey walls of Carnatic hall and stand out from the brand spanking and shiny new kitchens of Crown Place. After all, uni is the time to decide whether you want to unveil your experimental side, or just follow everyone else turning hipster in a bid to be different.

Adidas tracksuits

Five years ago you wouldn’t have been caught dead in an Adidas tracksuit top, they take the tomboy image to a new, weird level and send out as many Vicky Pollard vibes as your matching pair of gold hoop earrings. But, realistically, if you want to be named the queen of edge amongst your new mates, the three stripes really are a necessity. The baggier the better, and choose one with a hood for added street cred.

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A full adidas tracksuit will be the next big thing, watch this space

A line skirts

A line. A grime. Who said matching this skirt with a crop top on a Friday, wearing it the following day over a jumper, to the library, to your mate’s house party the following day was too much? Grime is the new shine; the more you can wear this skirt the better.

Radiant or not, she’s been wearing that skirt for a week. Now that’s cool

White trainers

White trainers are back and the dirtier, the better. If you want to buy a pair that no one else will have get these hugely individual Adidas Superstars in black and white. With almost 3/4 of the population owning a pair, you are sure to bond with your new flatmates over your great taste in trainers. If you can keep your old anklet on from travelling in Thailand 2k13, even better.

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If they’re this clean, you haven’t made it


Gold sparkly dresses

Why bother decorating your halls this Christmas when you can wear a sparkly dress that makes you look like a walking bauble? But beware – looking too glamorous and tidy on a night out would be a massive downfall. Pair with some grubby trainers, a choker and a grungy jacket to eradicate the chance that people think you actually made an effort to get ready.

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‘I woke up like this’ Yeh, course you did



Denim dungarees are so last season.  If you want to be the coolest looking fresher, what you need is a cord dungaree dress. Wearing this will make you regret those days in secondary school when you doubted you ever looked bad in your school uniform. Who said going to university was a step closer to adulthood? You may as well be sat in your school classroom listening to Mr Anderson teach you your 5x’s tables.

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The trend hasn’t even hit Primark yet


I mean, historically choker necklaces were part of a collection of necklaces called dog collars. They looked cute both on actual dogs and people. But, if you want to risk being mistaken for a lost bulldog on a night out in Concert Square, looking for your home back in Shoreditch, go ahead. If you can match it with a pair of hoops earrings and French plaits you’ll look so underage they may not even let you in the club.

Find a new friend with the same taste and you are on a roll

Lastly, if you find anything else hidden away in your Mum’s wardrobe, or better, your Nan’s, it’s probably there for a reason. But, if you want to make an impression as the edgiest girl on campus, take it and wear it.