Freshers set to blow over £1 million in their first week

Makin it rain

Thirsty freshers will spend over £1,000,000 within their first 9 days in Liverpool.

From the 19th of September, around 6,000 thrill-seeking newbies will flock to Liverpool for welcome week activities of getting drunk and making fools of themselves during nine days of fresher chaos.

Event tickets, wristbands, fancy dress, five doubles in Level, greasy kebabs and hangover food – having fun in freshers’ isn’t cheap.

Each student will look to spend roughly £33.50 a night meaning that this years 6,000 freshers could spend a whopping £1,809,000 in total over the nine days.

Approximate cost per night
Pre-drinks £10
Taxi there and back £8
Club entry £5
Two doubles in club £6
Large Doner Kebab £4.50
Total £33.50

Keeping to budget might prove tricky if these figures are anything to go by. That figure excludes freshers tickets and some other essentials, meaning some could spend nearer to £2,000,000 – madness.

Most freshers seem to be planning to keep to a strict budget when it comes to booze and takeaways, with one fresher writing on the welcome week Facebook page saying: “I’m budgeting £10 a night for drinks, just so I don’t spend all my money in the first week!”

Breaking the bank

When it comes to living costs, second year Psychology student Nina Ramdeen reckons freshers can spend as little as £20 for two weeks shopping at Aldi.

Nina told The Tab: “I’d normally spend about £20 in Aldi and that lasted about two to three weeks.

“On pre drinks I’d normally just buy a cheap bottle of vodka for about £8-10 and a mixer, so a big bottle of coke for about 60p.”

VERY freshers

On the subject of nights out, Nina said: “Generally on a night out I’d spend £15 that’s including entry to the club, drinks, food after, and taxis there and back”

Plenty will have their concerns on top of their excitement. First year Becky O’Rourke said: “I’ve not got savings or anything but I’ve got so much overtime this summer I think I’ll just about be able to cover it before my next pay day.”

Many are furious at the hefty cost of the freshers’ tickets, including Marketing fresher Ffion McKay-Evans: “I think the cost of wristbands are a lot and I have no clue about how much to budget.”

Of course, every worthy first year will experience the hangover of a lifetime. It’s probably best to consider a Wetherspoons fry-up for £2.99 too.