Revolutionary new café opens with unlimited tea and biscuits

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A brand new café has launched where you pay based on how much time you spend there.

Ziferblat, which can be found on the docks, is just six pence per minute –– a haven to escape to for when the library is just too much.

You can drink as much tea and coffee as you want and eat as much cake, as well as play boardgames to your heart’s content.

The café is the brain child of Ivan Meetin, who began the project with his friends in Moscow as a “tree house for adults” where pals can meet and “feel free to do whatever they like.”

Lamp: decorations fill the place


There is already a very successful branch in Manchester and across Europe.

Ziferblat is an exciting place to have some chill time without the generic leather upholstery and exposed brick walls bar the city has grown accustomed to.

Ben Davies, Head of Marketing for the café said the space encourages many students and young professionals to use the space for studying and work.

He told The Tab: “The space is especially good at adapting to your needs – you have food and drink on offer but there’s no rush to finish and go, as many people might find at a regular café or coffee house.

“We’ve found at our Manchester location about a third of people who use the space regularly are students.”

Drinks cabinet: free to help yourself

Help yourself

Megan, a first year Psychology student at Hope, was with her boyfriend at Ziferblat to try out its new concept for the first time.

She said: “We’ve never been before, but I really like the variety and the space they have here. The cake’s good, too.”

Couple Mike and Emma Thompson, from Manchester, wanted to try the newly-opened home from home, having already been regular customers at the Edge Street Ziferblat in Manchester.

Mike, a 27-year-old teacher, told The Tab: “It’s great here. We love how relaxed it is.

“The sofas and settees make the place feel really comfortable and very convenient since we always look for somewhere we can bring our young daughter.”

Seating: comfy chairs

Comfy chairs

Over the past couple weeks, many tourists have been attracted to the cool venue.

Carlos, an architect from Pero was surprised at the concept. The 69 year-old said: “Where I am from there are no places like this – this is quite exceptional.”

Ziferblat can be found at Unit 7, The Colonnades at the docks.