Far right group cancelled controversial rally as hundreds marched in protest

They shouted ‘Nazi scum, off our streets’

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Hundreds marched through the city today in reaction to a far right protest which was cancelled at the last minute.

National Action had organised a White Man March, which was supposed to take place today.

The Neo-Nazi group told protesters to bring “facemasks, sunglasses, heavy-duty belt and heavy belt buckle” and that they weren’t allowed to talk to the press.


But they bottled it after 2,600 people signed a petition asking for the riot to be banned.

In its place, hundreds marched against the rally to protect the peace, shouting “Nazi scum, off our streets”.

Third year Ryan was at the march, and thought it was the Neo-Nazi march because everyone was in black.


He told The Tab: “There was a large group of people marching. I thought they were the White Man March because most of them were wearing black and some were wearing balaclavas.

“I only realised when I saw what the banners said and heard what they were chanting: ‘Nazi scum off our streets’.

“I followed the march to Lime Street station, where the group stopped outside the windows a Wetherspoons and it became clear there were some of the White Man marchers convened inside.”

He added: “The anti fascist protestors started chanting at the windows and when no one came out, started to march up and down the road again.”