Is this the end for Delta? Uber launches tonight

Because we need more taxis here

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Controversial but favoured taxi app Uber has finally arrived in Liverpool.

Reportedly 25,000 Merseyside drivers have signed up to use the system, even though current taxi drivers have said there is no room for the driving giant.

Uber has been hugely successful in London and other cities worldwide because of its easy and unique running system.

Drivers can operate all over Merseyside, although the app is only currently licensed to Sefton.

There are already numerous taxi companies competing for our business

There are already numerous taxi companies competing for our business

There is an application to extend the license, but it is currently awaiting approval from the council.

The app shows you where there are cars nearby, how long they will take to collect you and once assigned, you can even watch your car’s journey towards you.

Uber is also praised for its safety concerning riders, as there is an image, name and numberplate of your driver displayed on the screen before and as you ride.

It is also completely cash-less, allowing you to pay for rides –– and get free ones through promo codes –– using PayPal and your credit or debit cards.

Manager of Uber Merseyside Neil McGonigle said all drivers will have gone through rigorous checks with Sefton council in order to obtain their license and further document details are recorded by Uber.

Katriana Ciccotto, a third year, said: “Uber is life changing. A student can only dream of getting picked up from anywhere, at anytime, for a reasonable price.

“Long gone are the days waiting outside Bombed Out Church for an Alpha –– and it’s about time, too.”