Rags to riches: The new Revs in town has the best cocktails in Liverpool

A must-visit before you leave

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You might have avoided Revs in the past, but after a much needed eight week refurb, it’s the place to be.

Next to Krazyhouse on Wood Street, the New-York-glam meets Liverpool-warehouse interior couldn’t be further from the outdated design we all knew and loved.

The new concept is based on their new set of “blended” drinks. Rather than your bog-standard cocktails menu, they offer drinks inspired by our favourite childhood sweets – popping candy, popcorn, strawberry laces and FLYING SAUCERS. Yeah, amazing.

‘What is this ball of thrills?’

Some of them even come in the style of a slush puppy. This is a good thing if your stingy, because they last forever, but not the best option if your sole purpose of the night is to get pissed (brain freeze was a slight issue). The slushies do come with your name on the cups though, which naturally makes you feel like a VIP. This is where you need to go if you haven’t quite let go of your childhood – it’s like an alcoholic sweet shop for the young adult who isn’t quite ready for the real world.

Ok, there are endless flavours of tequila in CaVa but who actually likes the coffee, chilli or baked bean shots? A personal favourite was the candy-floss cocktail, which actually came with a pot of candy/ The nostalgia was real.

The location is also ideal. It’s on the same road as Django’s and CaVa, meaning if and when your “only a couple of drinks” inevitably turn into a full on night out, you’re merely steps away from shots galore. It’s also directly below Camel, if you want to head straight to the pardy.

A slight downfall would be the price of drinks ranging from £6.50 – £7.50. But when that juicy loan installment comes in, this is the place to go on a mad one and splash out. They DO however have a happy hour from 5-7pm every weekday – problem solved.

The playlist was full of crowd-pleasers and chart toppers, from Taylor Swift to Marvin Gaye. From 5pm till about 9pm, the music is at a comfortable level making it the perfect place for a first date. The shabby-chic design, green suede curtains and candle display give the place an implicit sex appeal and created a chilled vibe.

The staff are warm, friendly and attentive. Barman Lee, who was unfortunately on his last shift, even came to our booth and twerked with us – that’s exactly what you want from table service. Well, what we wanted.

All in all, whether it be for a quiet drink, pre drinks, our an out out kind of night, the new Revs is well worth a visit. Even if it is just for a popping candy shot before Heebies.

The official re-opening night is this Friday 5 June.

For more details on the new refurb, get in touch with them on

Facebook: revolutionwoodstreet, or Twitter: @rev_liverpool