You’d be a fool to spend your last weekend in Concert Square

You should have grown out of it by now anyway

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It’s only a matter of days before the final booze-fest begins, and whether you’re crying tears of joy or heartbreak, you’re going to go hard.

So why are you going to Concert Square for your last few nights? Whether a first year or a final year about to leave, you’re letting yourself down if Concert Square is where you’re choosing to spend your final nights of freedom.

It was a great bonding experience early on, back in the day. Hopping off the 699, diving into Cava, then continuing to whichever gateway to irreparably bad life decisions took your fancy. But it soon got repetitive. You suddenly became sure most of the music you heard was on a loop, one consisting of the Spotify top 40 playlists for the week.

There’s no other way to describe the music in these city centre clubs other than diabolical. Once the ritual of some bell-end decked in Crepes and a white shirt, yelling “choon” to the intro of the token Eminem track has occurred, the night feels like a year 10 house party. But let’s be honest, the only reason anyone really goes to Concert Square after freshers is to shag. Everyone is just there to check out the meat on the market, then hopefully take it home.

Tired of seeing the same groups of guys sharking in tacky shirts, finding their prey and going in for a bite, nights eventually became the same old toilet, bar, dance, smoke, repeat. And trying to avoid getting a six inch heel through your foot became an Olympic event. A bog standard night club, while a laugh once in a blue moon, isn’t the best way to spend the important nights in Liverpool. And with such a vibrant and diverse nightlife if you know where to look, you’re a mug if you’re still partying there.

Yummy shots

For all the criticism alternative nights in Liverpool get about being pretentious, it is rarely mentioned these are places where you know they actually care about the music showcased, and where standards are rarely allowed to slip. Admittedly for those on a tight budget, ticket prices for non-Concert Square events can seem a bit daunting, and similarly drinks aren’t always the cheapest. But in this case you’re paying for the quality of the experience.

These carefully crafted events do not benefit from the economies of scale clubs such as Medication do. At a time when small venues, such as the Kazimier, are being closed down, it’s nights such as Waxxx which keep them open. The music at some of these events may be a little niche, but for those daunted by not knowing every song played, remember this: whatever happens, you will experience an act who hopes you remember their name, and skill, in the morning. More than can be said for any one night stand or samey DJ.

At the end of the day though, you want a night to remember for your last outing of precious first year. Going somewhere you’ve spent umpteen nights, despite being a safety net, will not last so long in the memory. With Abandon Silence, Chibuku, SweatBox Events, The Garage, Waxxx, Fiesta Bombarda, the Baltic Garden Festival and Rub-a-Glove all putting on nights over the final weekend, you’d be a fool to miss out.