Swanky new gin bar opens just in time for exam blowout

Time to broaden your alcoholic horizons

Screw revising and searching for a computer in the SJ, a lavish new gin bar has opened and you can drown your sorrows there instead.

The Side Door on Hope Street has been transformed into what is said to be a lush venue, and cafe “Jenever” which will serve over 40 varieties of gin.

Just a couple of minutes walk from Abercromby Square, Jenever boasts an interior inspired by the prohibition era.


The new bar is located on Hope Street (Photo credit: Ryan Thorneycroft)

Julian Taylor, the man behind the bar, says the gin joint has opened in sync with a rising popularity in the spirit.

He told The Tab: “Liverpool has become a city of gin drinkers again – I think there’s been a resurgence and there’s been some craft distilleries opening up.”

With gin and tonic being a classic drink coinciding nicely with the summer months, it seems Jenever has chosen the perfect time of year to open its doors. 


Photo credit: Ryan Thorneycroft


Ros, a Spanish and Portuguese first year and self-proclaimed gin fiend, is chuffed with Liverpool’s newest niche distillery.

She told The Tab: “I think it’s a great idea. I drink gin on most nights out because I find it doesn’t give me dirty hangovers like vodka does – it generally costs a little more but it’s worth it.

“You can’t beat a refreshing gin and tonic at the end of the day, really.”

First year Communications student Ellie feels differently about the sudden influx of gin bars in the city. She said: “Why are there so many gin bars opening?

“Does everyone secretly like gin? I always associated it with old people.”

Jenever opened its doors on Friday