We asked you if you’re excited for the return of Garlands this weekend

Most of you aren’t too bothered

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It’s been three long months, but Garlands is back. After a dramatic drugs raid earlier this year, the much-loved club will reopen this Saturday.

Love it or hate it, it’s here just in time for end of year celebrations. The club opens its doors on Saturday 23 May, with the legendary Gossip! relaunching on Thursday 28 May. But are you excited?

Sam, second year Physics


“I’ve only been once before on a Thursday night, and I enjoyed it. I heard it’s good on a Saturday night but I probably won’t go out of my way to go check it out. It’s good to have a big gay club in the city, however.”

Niamh, second year Chemistry


“I’ve never been. As a Scouser, it doesn’t appeal to me. Although I’ve heard it’s one of the safest places in Liverpool to go out, because there are less creepy guys than those in Concert Square.”

Ella, first year Sociology


“I really enjoyed the student nights there. Of course I’m going to go back, I’ve got tickets for opening night.”

Christina, International Business MA


“I’ve never been, I want to try it out though.”

Rachel, third year Marketing


“I have no care whatsoever. I’ve been occasionally on the Thursday student night, especially in first year. But it’s not like a gay bar. I probably won’t go again.”

Ella, third year Marketing


“I probably won’t go. I find the taxi situation in that part of the city too complicated. I actually find it safer in Concert Square because all the taxis and people are all together. It’s too far away from everything else.”

Jonathan, first year History


“I’ve never been, not my scene. Probably never going, there’s too much of a police presence in the area – doesn’t seem friendly.”

Callum, third year Psychology


“It’s not my scene, I’ve never been before. I’ve heard it’s a good night though. I don’t understand why people think it’s not gay enough – why should gay clubs have to appear to be really camp? Who really cares about the image if everyone’s going to have a great night?”