Let down: We’re not getting our new laptops until June


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Flashy new laptops in the Sydney Jones will not be available for another few weeks.

The ambiguous metal blocks on the ground floor by the entrance have been teasing us for weeks, but will continue to cause curiosity for a while as a member of staff confirms a “delay” in their availability.

Staff revealed that the computers were supposed to be ready in time for Easter, but due to an “unexpected delay”, they will not be ready until exams are over.

The laptops in question are a small section of 66 laptops being added to each Library this year, bringing the total to 96 per library. They will be late, but ready for mid – late June after testing has been completed, according to Mark, a spokesperson for the library.

Mark did also give us some good news however, stating: “We currently have an additional 30 laptops in each Library that we are issuing over the exam period to cope with the demand.”

He also explained the delay, telling us: “We have had trouble installing the new self issue laptop machines due to the company fitting them with a wrong part, which delayed and then held the installation process up for several weeks.

“We didn’t want to launch the service before this had been tested satisfactorily, as we didn’t want to place any extra stress on students over the exam period.

Distressed second year Abby Meadows is fuming with the inappropriate timing.

She said: “I personally think this is wholly unacceptable to fail to provide something so essential in such a time of crisis.

“The SJ is literally rammed wall to wall with students, and those extra laptops would have been so so useful.

“I hate to jump on the ‘we’re paying nine grand a year’ bandwagon, but we’re paying nine grand a year and I expect to have access to a computer in my uni library.”