Bernard Bicycles: For all your bicycle needs and daily dose of philosophy

If you haven’t heard of him before, he’s a legend

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Following the closure of NS Cycle Sport on Pembroke Place, a lot of bike commuters are bereft without a friendly face for bike maintenance.

But Bernard Bicycles is here to save the day. It’s located just before the bridge on Smithdown, conveniently next to the Subway two minutes walk from our beloved Brooky. You can expect high standard servicing and fixing from the owner John Bernard, whose mantra is: “If it’s good for me, it’s good for you. If it’s not good for me, it’s good for no one.”

John also buys second hand bicycles, refurbishes them and sells them on. No matter the job, John would do it from the bottom of his heart, and put the same amount of care into each one. This is the underlying philosophy to his business’ success.

Two happy customers with their new bikes

Frequent customers will know John is a brilliant conversationalist. When asked what his opinion on students was, he told us: “They are cool. We all think differently so you can’t force each other. Students are well-educated. They can differentiate the right from the wrong. They should learn better now to know more, to influence the grown-ups.”

When told exam season is dawning upon us, he shared a word of wisdom: “If you plant your seed properly, you will reap the fruits and benefit from it.”

John thinks if we can “see”, we can find the solution – not too dissimilar to his job where he finds problems and solves them. But his outlook on the world is more bleak, poetically saying: “We are filling a drum which has a leakage, it is getting worse and worse.”

In this wise owl’s eyes, people are not reasoning for other people, and selfishness is the root of all problems.

John is also a painter

Respect all mothers – they will always stand in front of their child to shield them from harm

In his spare time, John is an avid painter. He often paints to express his opinions and emotions. Medic Prash Matata, a regular to Bernard Bicycles, said it is his favourite shop on Smithdown Road.

“The art, the bikes and Bernard – he’s just an inspirational and spiritual man. He is always up for a good chat and will give you a lesson in life.”

Next time your bike is causing you trouble, you know where to go.