The best places to chill in the sun

Sun’s out guns out

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Wondering where’s the best place on campus to procrastinate with some serious summer vibes? Here’s our guide.

Abercromby square

The perks of chilling on Abercromby Square are endless. It’s on the doorstep of the Sydney Jones, so you can hop out when revision gets too much. It’s also close to the bus stops and near Tesco – this is the perfect tanning location for any hungry art students.

Summer chill vibes: 9/10

North Campus

The North campus is the best place if you want to avoid the pretentious Sydney Jones habitants. This is where the real intelligence is.

It’s situated right behind the red brick building, creating a true University Prospectus feel. This is what being at a Russell Group uni is really about – sitting on the grass, in the sun, with an original red brick in the distance.

Summer chill vibes: 7/10

Uni Square

For the hipsters among us, sitting on the grass is way too mainstream. Chilling on one of the stone benches on the square would be right up your street.

With breathtaking views of the cathedral and many a student crossing the square to reach the other side of campus, it’s a great spot for people watching and judgemental glares.

Summer chill vibes: 8/10

Opposite the walk-in

Can’t find much space at the rammed Abercromby Square? Don’t worry there’s a random dry patch of grass opposite the walk-in centre. That’s right, a chlamydia test is just footsteps away from this fresh patch.

Summer chill vibes: 6/10

Sefton Park

If you can’t be bothered to chill on campus and want to get away from it all, Sefton is the place to go. Smack bang between Smithdown and halls, it’s so big you won’t have to try and hide from last night’s mistake. There’s also an ice cream parlour.

Summer chill vibes: 10/10

Greenbank Park

Slightly smaller than Sefton, this is perfect for both Smithdowners and Greenbank residents who are currently witnessing half of their village being knocked down.

Tesco is right outside if you need anything, or why not just have a barbecue?

Summer chill vibes: 8/10


Carnatic students who live so far away from anything, this is your only choice really. Get out of your small stuffy rooms and go out onto the green. With the perfect little tree cave for any smokers, this is where the party is at. Well palyed Carnatic.

Summer chill vibes: 8/10

The Docks

No article about chill spots in Liverpool would be worthy without a mention of the docks. Are you in town and looking for a place to sit and enjoy the sunny life? Cafés galore, it’s adjacent to most of the museums in the city – and has an unforgettable view like no other.

Summer chill vibes: 9/10