Group B: BNOC of the year nominations

Just look at their faces, you already know them

Here are the other six candidates vying for your vote…

Remember, there’s no need to worry about possible coalitions here – there can be only one BNOC.

7. Abby Hammond,  third year Law


Famous runner of massive marathons

Loves a beer more than most

“Tits” – Abby’s housemates.

8. Megan Stammers, second year Engineer



Strictly Come Dancing champion 2015

Rugby social sec

Engineering President 2015/2016

Ginger ambassador for Liverpool University

9. Will Lewis, third year History



He knows “everybody” in the SJ.

He’s massive in the cricket, football and radio circles.

AND he knows somebody behind the desk of the SJ.

“Will knows everybody, and everybody knows Will.”

“It is a pleasure to know him, and a privilege to be known by him.”

10. Izy Chase, third year Politics & Comms



She is “notorious for bringing the party”

She is gifted in the saddle as vice-captain of the Liverpool Polo team

She is “cultured, a wealth of knowledge and the perfect combo of class and sass.”

“It’s all about the Chase.”

11. Jack Tilston, second year Business Studies



He is the face of Abandon Silence

he’s out 5 nights a week.

“Everyone knows him”

He pulls the strings at the on-campus Tesco Express and is known as the “engine.”

Absolute grafter

12. Mary-Kate Jude O’Brien, third year History and Politics



She is the “life and soul of any party” and “notorious for having no shame”.

Renowned for finding herself in unfortunate but hilarious situations – an example being recently suffering a severe friction burn as a result of rubbing her face on a carpet.

She threw her dog, Lucky, a 20th birthday party. The party had a PowerPoint projection of lucky, a ‘Lucky’ playlist, a biography of Lucky’s life on the wall and cakes with Lucky’s face on.