Told you so: Landslide victory for Labour-loyal Liverpool

Who would have guessed?

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Lefty Wavertree and Riverside both secured red victories last night, along with the rest of the North West.

Luciana Berger and Louise Ellman swooped in, both being elected as our local MPs for the next five years.

It was confirmed in the early hours of this morning Liverpool and the rest of the North West supported Red Ed in its entirety.

Just as we expected, Labour clean-swept all the seats in the North West, winning votes from students and locals alike.

Lib Dem candidate and second year hopeful Leo Evans lost out in his dream to represent Wavertree, as Luciana scooped up over 28,400 votes – 69.3 per cent.


Prior the election, Luciana pledged to help protect the community’s achievements from Tory cuts, which “badly affected the area”.

Bringing more jobs and investment to the area, and suppressing anti-social behaviour were also among her priorities (bad luck for Smithdown house parties).

Louise Ellman retained her seat in the parliament with 29,835 votes.

The Riverside constituency covers the central area of the city, including both universities, Smithdown and Kenny.

Prior the election, Ellman pledged to build a stronger economy while providing higher living standards for working families.

In a hustings event leading up to the elections, she had also specifically promised to decrease tuition fees from £9,000 to £6,000.


Spot the Harry

Green party candidate, Martin Dobson, who promised to scrap tuition fees, came second with 5,372 votes with 12.1 per cent.

Among the booing of Farage and hurrahs for Labour seats, the Guild provided a student-led platform with great atmosphere for political exchanges.

Third year physicist Jon, a proud southerner and Tory supporter said: “It is a well known fact Labour is strong in Liverpool, but it did not deter me from what I believe in.

“Every vote counted, as we can tell from the final results.”

Jenny, a third year Politics student begged to differ.

She said: “The overall swing to the right in British politics is hugely disappointing for anyone who is further left than the centre-ground.

“I am now left wide awake in this cesspit Tory hole. Oh wait, it’s been that way for the last five years.”

I guess we’ll all be seeing more of Katie Hopkins.