Group A: BNOC of the Year nominations

Here we go

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Now the nonsense elections are over, it’s time for the real deal… we’re talking ultimate legendary status on campus.

All 12 hopefuls have been split into Group A and Group B, six in each group. After a week of voting, the candidate from each group with the most votes will go head-to-head in the BNOC 2015 finals.

Their destiny is in your hands. Start voting.

Robert Burton, second year Architecture


Nominated by: Matt Brundell


• He is asked to DJ at every house party worth going too. He’s a master at choosing and mixing the appropriate bangers for any occasion

• His interests include golf, documentaries and Tesco’s finest ready meals

• He’s a pum pum killa with unbelievable crepz. No further explanation needed

His previous titles include: Liverpool’s most eligible bachelor.

Sian Owen, first year History


Nominated by: Abby Meadows, Beth Meadows and Megan Owen


• This bad gyal taught herself the Uptown Funk dance and proudly performs it on nights out. Shameless

• Not only does she get down and funky, but Sian truly embraces her Welsh origin and can sing the entirety of Les Mis in her mother tongue

• She dresses like a proper gangster

James Sargeant and his dog Rocky, second year Business


Nominated by: too many people to name


• There isn’t a bad bone in James’ body, and he has an infectious, cheeky grin. He just attracts the vibe

• You can’t walk around Smithdown without seeing him, or Rocky. They’re too bait

• He wears tye-dye trousers that may or may not be from the women’s section

Dom Burnie, second year Physics


Nominated by: Harri Makin


• As a loud and proud Geordie, he is an undefeated peev champion and will willingly take on any opponents

• Everyone knows Dom as the ruthless Physics centre back who attracts all the hunnys

• This Toon supporter will go to any and every extent to avoid mackems (residents of Sunderland)

Dale Moore, third year Accountancy and Finance



• He’s the biggest lad in Merseyside

• If you don’t know him, you’re a nobody

• He doesn’t give a shit about his bushy eyebrows

Thomas Grant, second year History and Politics



• He’s the biggest President of Gaelic since 1994

• This guy smashes Raz every week. Once, he even used his sock as loo roll in the Raz toilets

• He collects nude / coral, underwired bras

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