Free the foot: Flip-flops are the freshest creps

Fashion with function

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After years of being bottom of the shoe pile, the humble flip-flop is back, and proving itself to be a footwear game-changer. It’s time to dust off your Havaianas from Zante 2k12 and embrace the distinctive thwacking sound while strutting your stuff around campus.

You won’t be needing these anymore

Health benefits

Not only do they give your feet the comfort they need and deserve, flip-flops also prove to have an astounding number of health benefits. Wave goodbye to blisters and bad odours, as the airy flip-flop caters for all your podiatry problems.

Probably not wise or fair to stick on a pair while suffering some verrucas though.

Fashion forward

Let’s face it, we’re all sick and tired of spending countless mornings scrambling around for socks and shoes, so why waste any more time and energy? Slipping into these waxy wonders takes mere seconds out of your morning routine.

Gone are the days of flip-flop phobia as these rubber kicks go with anything your wardrobe throws at you. Jeans, skirts, gym wear: you name it, the adaptable shoe meets all of your fashion needs.

So adaptable

In times of financial hardship, anything versatile enough to save you spending lots of money on new stuff is worth having in your wardrobe. Don’t want to wear them? No worries. Enjoy your ASDA’s own cereal while we all strut around the kitchen in flip flops and Golden Nuggets.

And let us not forget such minimalist footwear is also perfect for combating the universal summer dilemma: awkward feet tan lines. The conventional trainer tan leaves you with white ankle socks, and sandals are a recipe for a tan-line sandwich. But these flipping beauties prove themselves to be the Holy Grail in minimising tanning catastrophes.

Practicality on Campus

The airy and spacious benefits also allows for perfect procrastination opportunities…

Show off that perfect pedicure

The modest flip-flop is also extremely adaptable to the unpredictable Liverpool climate, come rain or shine these bad boys won’t disappoint. Waterproof and sunproof: what more can you possibly want from campus footwear?

Embrace that breeze between your toes

Move over New Balance – once a heinous crime against fashion, now a flipping campus sensation.