Tab poll results: Nearly half of us are voting Labour


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Liverpool is staying true to form and joining The Tab in backing Ed Miliband for Prime Minister.

A whopping 45 per cent are hoping Labour will swoop into Number 10 after tomorrow’s General Election.

The Tories are left trailing behind in second, but with only a quarter admitting they’re voting for Cameron.

UKIP are neck and neck with Lib Dems on just four per cent, leaving third place open to the Greens and their 14 per cent share.

Last week, High Fliers revealed Liverpool is the most Labour uni in the country, so the result is hardly unexpected.

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Just six per cent confessed they still don’t know who they’re going to vote for, an apathetic two per cent said they aren’t going to bother at all.

Ed has charmed the hearts of every year from first to postgrad, with those studying Masters and PhDs putting Greens in second position above Conservatives.

Third year Adam Payne said: “It really doesn’t surprise me. You won’t find many students voting Tory, and even for all the hype and excitement surrounding the Greens, everyone knows the first past the post system makes any vote for them pretty meaningless.

“Miliband has really tried to connect with young people over the last few weeks – and even if his attempts have occasionally bordered embarrassing, I think students appreciate the effort.”


Eleanor Hancock, who studies English, added: “I think there is a definite atmosphere among students about this election.

“Last time, a lot of us didn’t vote and got hit hard by the student fees. I think now more people are taking an interest it really has caused a divide.

“In a predominantly Labour area, Conserative do struggle to get support.

“Some of my mates vote Tory and I wish they didn’t, because I don’t think they understand the real implications of having eton-educated toffs running the country and carving up our public services for profit.

“There’s definitely a tense atmosphere, along with some politically motivated Facebook statuses here and there.”