The 2015 General Election drinking game

You’ll thank us on Friday morning

alcohol bevs drinking game general election

Are you interested in politics? If so, the General Election certainly calls for a big night. Not so interested in politics but going to watch the coverage anyway because you feel you have to? Well, this calls for a lot of alcohol.

Whether you’re an election geek preparing to pull an all-nighter, or someone who doesn’t really care and just wants a decent pre-drinks before you hit Juicy – this is the game for you.

So pour yourself a bevvy of your choice and stick on the TV. Sit back, relax and get suitably pissed as the fate of society hangs in the balance.


Shots shots shots

1. Have a shot for every time Farage blames an issue on immigrants or uses the term “immigration” negatively (may as well have about 50 lined up)

2. Down a dirty pint and run down the street bollock naked if Farage blames an issue on something other than immigration

3. When the term “austerity” is used by Nicola Sturgeon, kiss the person on your left

4. Every time a Consvervative takes a dig at Labour’s past handling of the economy, have a shot

5. Every time the broadcast goes live to a marginal seat you must down the drink of the person to your right

6. Every time the broadcast goes live to Westminster, you must initiate a group waterfall and only end when they return to the studio

7. When you hear harrowing warnings of what might happen under a Labour-SNP coalition, swap your clothes with the person directly opposite you

8. If you hear Leanne Wood talk about “The Valleys in Wales…”, play the most recently played song on your iPod on full blast and perform an interpretative dance to the rest of the group

9. Take a shot every time you see Clegg on screen and can’t help but feel slightly annoyed


If you play this game, you’ll end up as drunk as these dickheads

10. If a leader talks about the “hard working people of Britain” make your own version of a Jägerbomb and neck it

11. Every time a female politician is spoken over by one of the male broadcasters on the night, all of the men in the room must drink the amount of fingers as decided by the women

As seats are announced:

12. Have a shot of red Aftershock if Labour win a seat

13. Have a shot of VK Blue if Conservatives win a seat

14. Have a shot of Tequila if Lib Dems win a seat

15. Have Apple Sours if Green win a seat

16. Down a cheeky vimto if UKIP get a seat

Enjoy getting wankered guys.