Our new Vice Chancellor Janet Beer earns £110k less than old boss Sir Howard Newby

Beer will make £250k per year

Newly-appointed Vice Chancellor Janet Beer is paid more than £110,000 less a year than her predecessor Sir Howard Newby.

Professor Janet, 58, pockets £250,000 a year as the uni’s first ever female Vice Chancellor, compared to the £360,000 trousered by Sir Howard last year.

It was revealed earlier this year before Prof Janet’s appointment no women were in the uni’s top salary bracket and Sir Howard, 67, had splashed out at least £27,000 on business and first class flights.

£250k isn't bad I suppose

Janet Beer


Fresher physicist Robyn Griffiths disagrees.

She said: “This isn’t about how much they get paid compared to someone who works in Maccies, this is about someone being paid a significant amount less for the same job based on gender.”