Protesters refuse to end Castle Street occupation despite court order

The drama continues

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Stubborn protesters are refusing to leave Castle Street – even after a court order told them to leave on Tuesday.

Large crowds gathered in Liverpool city centre again yesterday as further drama unfolded at the old Bank of England.

Angry students, love activists and homeless people have now been there for 10 days.


A court ruling on Tuesday demanded the protesters to leave the premises within 24 hours – however the self-proclaimed “Love Activists” continue to demonstrate.

The sit-in protest against austerity measures and  government cuts has lasted 10 days with the previously unoccupied building becoming a temporary home for up to 60 homeless people.

The scene escalated on Wednesday however as supporters of the occupation, some of whom were students, prevented bailiffs and Police from entering the building that has been renamed the Bank Of Love by protesters.

Activists are calling out for supporters on their Facebook page, in the anxious wait for the second visit from the bailiffs.


you gonna come out yet?

You gonna come out yet?

Homeless people and activists outside condemned the actions of the court.

One homeless man who had received shelter from the Love Bank said: “We weren’t listened too fairly. I’ve had shelter here and a meal – and clothing.

“What kind of world do we live in if that’s wrong? This building was empty.”

It has been reported a heavy police presence encircled the Bank of Love and activists called out to Facebook for help.

A statement on their page said: “Riot police at the bank of love, legal observers and activists urgently needed.”

The fate of the Bank of Love lies on shaky hands however support was huge today and the resilience of the group continues, as they try their best to offer support to some of the most vulnerable people in society.