It’s official: We are better than JMU at pretty much everything

This is based on real research

Liverpool are outperforming our beloved neighbours John Moores in just about every subject.

English, Maths, Medicine, Biology, History, Chemistry, you name it… we’re the biggest fish in the Mersey.

The QS Top Universities research ranks universities from around the world in 36 subjects based on academic reputation, employer reputation and research impact.

where winners are made

where winners are made

We asked our friends at the Tab John Moores for their reaction to this news. Editor Raheema had this to say: “I can see how that is possible and well done to you guys for it!

“However, I would say I have friends at UoL and they’ve told me not enough is done on employment.”

Unfortunately however our Northern rivals Manchester and Leeds are putting us to shame in the vast majority of subjects covered.

Our Christie Cup adversaries are up-staging us in Maths, English, History, Languages, Medicine, Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geography among other subjects.

It’s not all doom and gloom for the University, though. Our Veterinary school is ranked among the best and we’re better than Leeds at Physics.



As expected Oxford, Cambridge and the London based universities sit proudly at the top of almost every subject ranking while the best the North West has to offer is the Mancs. Bah humbug.

With Manchester recently victorious in the Christie Cup too it is clear that Liverpool has some work to do in a lot of areas.