‘This girl can’t’: Sexist vandal scribbles on Women’s Rugby League poster

The poster was defaced in the Sphinx toilet

An immature vandal has scribbled all over a Women’s Rugby League poster in the Sphinx toilet.

The culprit wrote “in the scrum we get our fingers out!!!” and changed “#ThisGirlCan” to “#ThisGirlCan’t”.

The poster was promoting a festival hosted by the Women’s Rugby League and was found yesterday.


The festival was in aid of encouraging female students of all shapes and abilities to get more active by trying our rugby league as part of week.

Emma Sims, vice-president of the Guild and member of FemSoc facebook group was disgusted by the scribble: “This kind of attitude towards amazing work like the #thisgirlcan campaign really saddens me, and it shocks me that people still think it’s okay or funny to act in such a petty way.

“Women should feel like they can play sports without fear of judgement. Clearly we need to, and will do, more work on spreading a message that it’s not alright to be derogatory about women, not least in the face of a campaign that is trying to empower us.”


The Women’s Rugby League have been heavily involved with charity work this year. President of the team, Emily Cross didn’t seem disheartened.

She said: “All I can say is we’re not offended, we are aware of the stereotypes in our sport, it’s just something you have to laugh at and not take too seriously.

“It shows how narrow minded some people can be and it’s not something you would expect from university students.”

The national #ThisGirlCan hashtag is to eliminate “fear of judgement” among young women who plays sports and to inspire those who don’t, to get involved.