Send us your BNOC of the Year nominations

Who is the biggest name on campus this year?

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Do you know someone with more friends than brain cells? Do they care the most about looking vibezy on campus? Someone who only goes to the library to see who’s about?

It’s time to send in your nominees for the biggest campus event yet.

This is bigger, better and even worthier than that Varsity thing, or those Guild Elections. This is IT.

We all know one student who’s at every house party and can’t walk down Garmoyle Road or around halls without bumping into a dozen people they know.

Or maybe you fit the criteria and want to nominate yourself?


Are you this guy?

Here’s how to spot a potential candidate:

Filthy levels of popularity

We’re talking down right disgusting – even the guy behind the desk at Sydeny Jones recognizes them. This person has tons of Insta followers and is tagged in pictures with new people every night. Every student on campus recognises them, whether it be for their garmz, body count, or general vibezyness.


You haven’t necessarily spoken to or met this person, but they immediately come to mind when something cool is mentioned. You really want to befriend them, but you’re just not BNOC enough.


Talents may include: academic excel, sport, languages, shagging, drugs, swag, fucking fit or really embarassing.  The BNOC of the Year needs to have a quality that makes them different from the rest – whether that be for the right reasons, or the wrong.


If one person has been in your mind throughout this article or if you think you know the perf candidate for BNOC of the Year 2015, send us a Facebook message, tweet us, drop us an email at [email protected] or leave a comment.

Nominations close Friday 1st May.