Council approves massive Greenbank project plans

Good job since they’ve already knocked it down

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Plans for a huge redevelopment of the cherished Greenbank were approved yesterday. 

The nod was given to 1,370 shiny new rooms and a two storey sports hall.

The project involves constructing brand new halls, demolishing existing ones and treating Derby Hall to a long overdue refurbishment.

The buildings set to be demolished are Roscoe Hall, Gladstone Hall, Wardens Lodge, Wardens Court, Rathbone Hall, Rathbone House and Derby House.

greenbank refurb 2

Prof Kelvin Everest, the University’s pro-vice-chancellor for student experience, said the scheme is a response to growing demand for student accommodation outside the city centre.

He said: “The opening of Vine Court in 2012 and Crown Place in 2014 provided more than 2,000 additional rooms.

“Students, however, also tell us they enjoy living at our residences in suburban Liverpool due to its proximity to Sefton Park, restaurants and shops.

“By investing in this site, we hope to better meet the requirements of our diverse student community, and provide an environment matching the high standards of this popular residential area of Liverpool.

“We also hope the local community will take advantage of our new sporting facilities during the summer months.”

greenbank refurb

Not everyone is happy with the plans, however.

Local heritage campaigner Florence Gersten is concerned the project will undermine the history of the site, given to the University by the famous Rathbone family many decades ago.

She told the council “I think they can’t fail to have some sort of impact on the site”, and has urged the Derby hall redevelopment be done with “careful consideration”.

Third year Mary-Kate shares Gersten’s concerns.

The ex-Greenbank resident said: ‘I’m very upset about this. Greenbank is a shit hole, but it has sentimental value and is the happiest place on Earth.”