The Guild are giving away £10 free printing credit for every undergrad

Update: Check the date

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Harry Anderson is giving every student the opportunity to claim £10 worth of free printing credit.

The superstar pres announced the give away this morning, after campaigning over the extortionate printing costs all year.

A spokesperson for the Guild told The Tab: “We can appreciate printing costs can put an unnecessary strain on students, particularly those working on dissertations or large posters.

“Harry has persistently brought this issue up at meetings, and so the Guild have decided to lend a hand to students this Easter.”

We <3 you Harry

Second year Physicist Dominic was pleasantly surprised by the news.

He said: “I heard all students at JMU are given £50 free printing credit in their first year, so it’s about time really.

“It’s a nice idea though, much appreciated.”

We all dread buying printing credits…

In order to claim your free tenners worth, simply e-mail your full name and student number to the man himself, on [email protected] from your university email.

Once the e-mail has been received, you will receive and automated confirmation e-mail.

Your printing card will then automatically top-up next time you use a printer on campus.

All e-mails must be sent by the first day back, Monday 20 April.