Langdale Road is the most burgled street this year so far

Nearly 50 houses in Smithdown have been burgled since September

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A shocking 11 houses have been burgled on Langdale Road since September, making it the most popular street for break ins.

It’s a prime spot for burglaries: two houses were ransacked in the space of a week last semester.

Salisbury Road follows closely behind, with eight burglaries in the past six months.

Back in September, over £10,000 worth of goods were stolen from one student house.

Third year Politics Student Craig Hetherington, who used to live on Langdale, said: “Nothing happened while we were there last year, but we always saw suspicious characters on bikes knocking about.”

These boys had £4,500 worth of stuff taken

Langdale Road

Brompton Road and Garymole Road have seen a total of seven burglaries since first semester began.

The two roads have both also have the highest rate of drug offences, with a shocking three counts of drug offences reported on each road.

Maple Grove, Garmoyle Road, and Langton Road have had the highest rate of violence and sexual offences since September too, with a whopping total of four counts each.

Surprisingly, Borrowdale Road has had zero burglaries and zero reports of drug offences since the start of the academic year.

This is shocking news considering the level of crime on the road last year.

The road did, however, see two counts of violence and sexual offences in October 2014.

Salisbury Road

Gainsborough Road and Granville have the lowest crime rates within the Smithdown area.

Gainsborough Road saw one drug offence in November, but has seen zero burglaries and counts of violence or sexual offences.

Granville Road saw one burglary back in September 2014, but has zero counts of other criminal activity.

Kenmare Road and Arundel Avenue prove to be fairly safe streets to live on, with just two counts of criminal activity against them.