How much do you hate living in Crown Place?

Over £130 a week and it’s still not finished

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Crown Place cost £50 million to build, and houses up to 1,259 freshers, but it’s still not finished.

It was due to be completed in August 2014, but seven months on, it’s still a building site. The first years who are paying £130 a week to live there often have to put up with loud and smelly site work, and constantly receive emails from reception saying there’ll be yet more work that will wake them up at 9am on weekends.

But what do the people who live there actually think?

Max, Civil Engineering

“It’s actually really bad for our health. There’s a lot of smoke, like the other day when the builders were burning tar by our block and there was some sort of fire. Dust and smoke pollution could be detremential if breathed in.”

Jo Witherow, Psychology

“I didn’t expect the building to still be going on six months after it opened. It’s just generally disappointing to me that there’s still work going on after all this time.”

Phillipa Franks, Media and Communications

“It’s inconvenient and noisy, and I just cannot work well in these conditions. There is no way it should’ve been going on this long.”

Fiona Harrington, Aerospace Engineering

“It wakes me up constantly, so I know I’m not going to get much sleep on weekends. It also seems they never finish anything, they just keep re-digging things they’ve worked on and doing it all over again. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Brett Connolly, Ancient History and Archaeology

“It’s a huge pain in the ass having to take a different, longer route than usual when you’re going somewhere because the central path on campus has been blocked off for months now.”

Emily Meindoe, History

“If they were going to work on the paths, they should have done it first. It appears they are just redoing everything again. There was hardly anything going on in September, now the work is continuing through to 2015. It’s just really annoying.”

Jonny Getty, Aerospace Engineering

“It is an annoyance and it can be difficult navigating your way to class around the gates, but I actually think it’s one of the nicest places to live. It’s close to classes, right on campus and it’s not bad looking without all the maintenance works. I’m glad they moved us in now and didn’t chose to move us into Carnatic. I would hate to live there.”

Erin Wales, Psychology

“People should just get over it. It’s a bit of drilling and I don’t see how people have made it such an issue.”