Reported chemical explosion on campus

A PhD student has been injured

Emergency services have flooded campus this morning after reports of a chemical explosion in the Chemistry Lab.

Four fire engines, ambulances, and an environmental protection unit are on South Campus after a PhD student was injured in the incident.

A University of Liverpool spokesperson said: “A post-graduate student has been injured in an incident in a chemistry laboratory.”

A reporter for the Liverpool Echo tweeted one person suffered burns to their hands and face.

Area Manager Nick Searle added:  “Firefighters were called to the fourth floor of the building and a man at the scene was given First Aid by firefighters.

“We were called after a small explosion involving a chemical at the site.

“Firefighters are liaising with staff on site and are stood by with dry powder extinguishers and a hose.

“Paramedics were also requested to check the man who was given First Aid.”

According to the University of Liverpool Spokesperson: “The University is investigating how the incident occurred and is offering advice and support to those affected.”